Must-have Commercial Insurance Coverages

If you are a business owner, you know the importance of having teams, facilities, and operations. These are essential in business success.  At Hudson Valley Insurance, we understand the importance of protecting the things that make your business successful. That’s why we offer commercial insurance for all business owners in Stony Point, NY and its surroundings.

To that end, as a business owner, there is a need to understand the different types of commercial insurance coverages available. It will help you get fully covered in terms of business, personnel, reputation, and assets. Without further ado, let’s dive into the must-have commercial insurance coverages.

Liability insurance

General liability insurance is vital for every business owner. If a customer gets injured in your workplace due to some negligence, the policy will cover the potential medical expenses and legal fees if you get sued.

Workers’ comp insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance is a necessity for any business owner. Imagine if an employee got injured in your workplace. Think about the thousands of dollars it could cost you for medical expenses or lawsuits if you don’t have this policy. Protect your business and employees today with worker’s comp insurance.

Property insurance

This policy covers your business’s physical location and contents, including equipment, tools, furniture, and inventory in the event of damage or loss.

Commercial auto insurance

Your auto insurance won’t cover your commercial cars in case of damages or losses. In light of this, it would be best if you purchased commercial auto insurance to protect your business vehicles.

Cyber insurance

Cyber liability insurance protects your business from risks that come from cybercrimes like malware, ransomware, and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), or anything that compromises your confidential information. 

Commercial insurance in Stony Point, NY

Commercial insurance is there to protect your business regardless of the industry. Purchase commercial insurance today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an assurance that your investment is well protected. Contact Hudson Valley Insurance for an affordable quote.

Is The Minimum State-Required Auto Insurance Enough?

Most states require that auto drivers carry a minimum amount of auto insurance if they wish to get behind the wheel in a legal capacity. This generally requires a certain amount of bodily injury liability coverage per accident and per injured individual, along with a certain amount of property damage liability coverage. The minimum coverage varies from one state to the next. However, as a driver in Stony Point, NY, the New York state minimum may not be enough for you. Keep reading to find out why.

Why Is There a Minimum Set Forth by the State?

Ultimately, the state minimum for auto insurance is set forth to protect other drivers. The coverage is designed to pay for their repair and medical expenses if you are found to be at fault in a collision. However, in the event that you are in a single-vehicle accident, this insurance coverage will not payout. At the same time, if your vehicle is vandalized or stolen, these state minimums will not provide coverage for you.  

When Are State Minimums Potentially Not Enough?

If you own a newer model or expensive vehicle, the cost to repair or replace your vehicle if found at fault in an accident could be pricey, and the state minimum is unlikely to cover it. If the other driver does not have any or adequate insurance and is unable to pay for the damages and medical costs, you will be responsible, and the state minimums may not be enough.

In addition, depending on how serious your injuries are in an accident, hospital stays could range in the tens of thousands of dollars for just a single individual. With that being said, you may want to invest in additional personal injury protection.

What Are Optional Coverages to Consider?

Whether you are in a single-vehicle accident or deemed at fault for a multicar accident, collision coverage will pay for the damages. Comprehensive coverage will cover non-collision losses as a result of theft, vandalism, fire, and flood. You may even want to consider roadside assistance, which pays for lockout service, gas delivery, and towing, and rental reimbursement coverage, which covers a rental car while yours is being repaired.

If you are looking for auto insurance in the Stony Point, NY area, consider giving Hudson Valley Insurance a call. Our agents are ready to help you understand more about the type of insurance that you need to be safe and secure on the road. At Hudson Valley Insurance, we understand insurance can be confusing, so let us help!

When is the best time to review your home insurance

Home insurance is not something you should take for granted. It is protecting your largest investment and the value of yourself and your home won’t remain the same forever. You need to be proactive or have an insurance agent who will discuss your changing needs with you. At Hudson Valley Insurance in Stony Point, NY, we are a local full-service independent agency. We will work to custom-craft the perfect policy to suit your needs. 

For most people, the ideal time to review your home insurance policy is when your policy is up for renewal. With your new policy, you will get a declaration page that lists lots of pertinent information including the name of the insured, the address being insured, the policy period, policy limits, and more. 

You need to look at all the information and make sure it is not only correct but makes sense. Does your liability insurance offer enough protection for your assets? Do you have the right amount and kind of content insurance? Is your home valued correctly? All of these figures are important. 

Have you made any major home repairs or renovations? Some renovations will increase the value of your home and you need to inform your insurance agent when they are complete so the value of your home can be adjusted to reflect the new value. Replacing your roof is also something that can affect your insurance. Let your insurance company know when you complete your new roof.

Have you added safety features to your home? A home security system, wired smoke detectors, and other safety measures can make your home not only safer, but it can also save you money on your premium. When you make these upgrades, call your insurance agent right away. 

Contact Hudson Valley Insurance in Stony Point, NY for any home insurance questions or needs that you have. 

Who should get classic car insurance in Stony Point?

Anyone that loves cars will likely want to own a classic vehicle at some point. As you are looking for a classic vehicle, you should also ensure that you get the right insurance coverage for it. For those that are in the Stony Point, NY area, getting a classic car insurance plan can be a great investment for any classic vehicle owner.

Coverage Protects the Vehicle and Investment

A classic car is a unique type of vehicle because it can actually increase in value, which is different from standard vehicles that tend to lose value. Due to this, you need to get a unique form of coverage to protect this full value. A classic car insurance plan offers coverage that can ensure the value of your vehicle is fully protected. You will be able to determine a fair coverage amount when discussing a policy with your insurance provider. 

Receive Appropriate Liability Insurance

Classic car owners need to receive an insurance plan that has liability coverage to ensure they comply with state law when driving. Classic car owners typically drive their vehicles sparingly and therefore have a reduced level of actual liability risk. If you get a specific classic car insurance plan, the policy and premium will reflect this reduced risk but will keep you in compliance with requirements. 

Picking a classic car insurance plan in the Stony Point, NY area is always an important decision. If you are shopping for a new plan in this area, it would be wise to call Hudson Valley Insurance. There are a lot of choices that come with picking this form of insurance and Hudson Valley Insurance can help you make a wise decision. This can help ensure you choose a plan that properly covers your classic car. 

Different motorcycle coverages and how they protect you

Choosing the right motorcycle insurance coverages in Stony Point, NY is like choosing the motorcycle itself. You want your policy to fit your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Unlike cars, motorcycles have fewer safety elements, making you susceptible to severe injuries even from a mere fall if you’re not appropriately dressed. At Hudson Valley Insurance, we recommend checking and reviewing your coverages to ensure you’re adequately covered in case of an unfortunate event. Here are major insurance coverages and how they protect you.

Bodily injury and property damage liability

There is a particular reason why most insurance policies, including motorcycle insurance, come with liability coverage. Property damage and bodily injury liability coverage are designed to pay for medical bills and damaged property in the event of an accident. The coverage is required for riders in New York and other states except for Washington and Florida.

Uninsured/Underinsured motorist

If an uninsured driver or motorcyclist hits you, they may not always have enough money to pay for your injuries or damaged motorcycle. That’s where your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage comes in.

Collision and comprehensive coverages

Comprehensive and collision coverages ensure that all aspects of your bike riding activities are covered as they protect your motorcycle when parked, on the roads, and when stored.

Medical payments or personal injury protection (PIP)

Personal injury protection or PIP pays for your medical expenses and lost wages due to an injury you sustained in an accident, irrespective of who was at fault. Remember liability coverages do not cover you nor your bike. Therefore, make sure your PIP is enough to cover any injury you may sustain depending on your bike riding frequency and style.

Let us help you

Looking to buy motorcycle insurance in Stony Point, NY? Hudson Valley Insurance is dedicated to ensuring that you only get the best whether you own a trike, scooter, or motorsport bike. We take you through the process of identifying the best coverage for you and help you in the critical process of making a purchase. Feel free to call us today!

What kind of Insurance do You Need for a Boat?

Boats are great investments, and you want to protect that investment by getting insurance. Boat insurance can be hard to find amongst a sea of other insurance policies—but thankfully there is such a thing as boat insurance. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or are just getting your sea legs, it is important to look at insurance options for you and your boat or watercraft. But it can be like a tidal wave trying to find the right policy.

Here at Hudson Valley Insurance Brokerage, Inc., we can help you navigate those rough waters. Boat insurance protects you against a lot of storms that may befall you or your watercraft. Not only does such a policy cover damage and theft, but also liability coverage in the case of an accident. And while your homeowner’s insurance may cover boats, it is important to understand all the details and consider if your boat needs its own insurance policy.

Speaking with a Hudson Valley Insurance Brokerage, Inc. agent can help to answer all these questions and more. We make it smooth sailing, so you can get back to spending time doing what you love. Whether it be modifying a current policy or finding you a new coverage option for your boat, we want to make sure that you and your boat are protected.

To find out more about boat insurance or to find the right policy for you, please do not hesitate to contact us at Hudson Valley Insurance Brokerage, Inc. based in Stony Point, NY and servicing New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. We are happy to answer any questions regarding insurance you may have and help you explore the right coverage option for you and your boat.

Who should get home insurance in Stony Point?

Anyone that is going to move to the Stony Point, NY area should consider buying their next home. If you do decide to own a home, there are a lot of long-term benefits that you can enjoy. Along with owning a home, you also need to properly protect and care for your property. A great way that you can do this is through a proper home insurance plan. There are a lot of situations when you should get this coverage here.

When Trying to Protect Asset

An important situation when you should get a home insurance plan when you are in this area of New York is when you want to protect your asset. A lot of people that choose to purchase a home will be making the biggest purchase and investment of their lifetime. Properly protecting this asset is incredibly important and a home insurance plan will give the coverage you need to cover your asset and provide peace of mind. 

When Complying with Requirements

There are also situations when having a home insurance plan could be a requirement for you. Those that choose to buy a home may take out a mortgage or live in a larger home association. If this is the case for you it is important to understand your insurance requirements that will be set by the bank or association.

As you are looking for a home insurance plan in the Stony Point, NY area, you should speak with the team at Hudson Valley Insurance. Anyone that needs home insurance here will want to know that they are picking a good plan. The team with Hudson Valley Insurance will prove to be helpful as they will be able to give you the support you need to choose a new insurance plan. 

Does Your New Home Need Flood Insurance?

If you’re buying a new home in the Stony Point, NY area, you may have questions about flood insurance. The agents at Hudson Valley Insurance can help answer those questions, and make sure you have the right policy for your needs. When purchasing a home, your mortgage company will generally advise you as to whether you have to have a flood policy. But even if you don’t need one you can still get a policy that covers flooding so you’ll have extra protection and peace of mind for your home. We can help you choose a policy that’s right for you.

If your home is located in a flood zone, you’ll need to have an insurance policy that covers flooding. A lot of people think this is part of their homeowner’s policy, but that’s not the case. Flood policies are completely separate, and you can get one on any property. The coverage level and what’s needed to keep the policy in force may vary depending on whether the home is in a flood zone or you just want extra protection for it. Either way, asking your agent is the right choice to be sure you’re getting a policy that’s covering what’s important to you.

Reach out to us today at Hudson Valley Insurance, and let us help you get the flood policy you need. If you’re in or around the Stony Point, NY area, we’re here to answer your questions and help with your policy choices. Our trained agents are dedicated to customer service and providing quality insurance information. You don’t have to settle for a policy you’re unsure about, or just pick something because you don’t have all the answers you’d like. We’ll work with you on a policy that’s giving you the level of coverage you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

Life Insurance Options in Stony Point, NY

If you live in Stony Point, NY, and want to learn more about life insurance options in your area, you should try to take advantage of the expertise of professionals, such as the ones at Hudson Valley Insurance.

Life insurance can be very important. It can give your family members stability and comfort in the event of your passing. Basically, it provides them with financial protection in the event of your death. There are a few different types of life insurance that you can opt to purchase.

  • Term life insurance. This gives you coverage for a set period of time. It is generally cheaper than permanent insurance.
  • Permanent life insurance. This gives you financial protection that will last for your entire life, as long as you have the policy in effect. There are different types of permanent life insurance from which you can choose.
    • Whole life insurance. This includes guaranteed fixed premiums, guaranteed cash value growth, and a guaranteed death benefit. Your premiums will never increase as long as you continue to pay them. You will also be able to access the entire cash value of your policy at any time while you are alive for any reason.
    • Universal life insurance. This gives you lifetime death benefit protection, as well as the flexibility that will allow you to change your policy as your needs change.
    • Variable universal life insurance. This gives you investment options. You can figure out net premiums and account values that you will divide between a separate account and a guaranteed principal account.
    • Survivorship life insurance. This will cover two people on one policy and pay out a death benefit after both of these individuals have passed away. Typically, this is less costly than two individual policies.

If you reside in the area of Stony Point, NY and are interested in learning more about life insurance, you should feel free to contact the professionals at Hudson Valley Insurance. These individuals will be able to answer any questions that you might have about life insurance and perhaps point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing a policy of your own.

Common Commercial Insurance Risks New York Business Owners Should Be Aware Of

Hudson Valley Insurance serves the Stony Point, NY Community by offering residents insurance coverage. We help our clients find custom policies designed to suit their needs. We proudly serve as an independent insurance agency.

Common Commercial Insurance Risks

As a Stony Point, NY business owner, you have to protect your investment. Commercial insurance is an asset that can help you secure the future of your business. The policy covers any physical damages to your property and personal items. Liability coverage protects your business if one of your customers in injured while visiting your property. Worker’s compensation allows you to cover your employees, as well as your business if there is an employee injury in the workplace. While you research different policies, learn about some of these common commercial insurance risks.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can happen at any time and they are out of your control. Severe thunderstorms can damage your physical property, potentially causing huge losses. Maybe the power goes out for an extended period of time on a windy day, which impacts your business’ ability to operate. You can add business interruption coverage to protect your business during times when you are unable to operate properly.

Professional Advice

If you work in the consulting industry, giving bad advice can have potentially serious consequences. You may be held liable if a client suffers damages based on the advice that they received from you. Add errors and omissions coverage so that you will be protected if a dispute arises.

Cyber Attacks

Many of today’s most successful businesses rely on recent technological advancements. However, that does come with risks, as hackers are determined to infiltrate networks and corrupt data. A large cyber-attack can cause serious damage to your business. Add data breach coverage to protect your business in the event of a compromising situation.

Hudson Valley Insurance Will Help You Protect Your Assets

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