5 Ways to Turn Your Backyard to the Perfect Summer Spot

You don’t need to travel to exotic locations in order to enjoy a real summer vacation. Use these design tips to turn your Stony Point, NY backyard into a seasonal basis.

  • Ensure your homeowner’s policy is up-to-date. An active policy ensures you have enough money to pay for any accidents or injuries that occur while you’re entertaining. Talk to the agents at Hudson Valley Insurance for personalized insurance guidance.
  • Repurpose your Christmas lights for a chic nighttime decoration. String lines of Christmas lights across your shrubbery, along the walls, or around pillars and supports in your backyard. Turn them on at night for a romantic glow that sets the mood for late evening activities.
  • Invest in outdoor storage. For families with young children, keeping sports equipment and outdoor toys together is a big struggle. Find a storage solution that fits your family’s hobbies and space constraints before the season starts to ensure the backyard is always a comfortable space.
  • Bring the indoors out. Got an old couch you were going to throw out? Cover it with an afghan and place it on your patio or porch for a cozy star watching spot. Use an indoor rug on your lawn to add an unexpected pop of color and give your family a place to clean off their feet before entering the home.
  • Use shade strategically. Use premanufactured shades or make your own using swathes of fabric. Fix the shades to trees, buildings, and other support structures to shield sections of your property from the sun. Your guests won’t have to give up on outside fun when it gets too hot.

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