Should I Have a Provision in My Home Insurance to Cover Pets?

As lovable as our pets can be, they can also be forces of nature when it comes to our home. Even the best-trained and good-natured animals can end up having an off day that ends up causing far more long-term damage than an owner ever imagined. If you live in Stony Point, NY, Hudson Valley Insurance wants you to know more about how home insurance works in the case of pet damage. 

Standard Policies 

There’s no universal policy for homeowners, but most do not include coverage in the case of accidental damage to the home. So if your cat knocks chews through the wires of your big-screen plasma TV and somehow shorts the machinery, you’re unlikely to receive reimbursement for the event.

There is an exception to this rule though, and that’s in the case of liability for your pets. So if your pet bites someone and it results in an infection or a more serious physical injury, then you can typically use the liability limits on your policy to cover the expenses associated with a formal complaint. 

What You Need to Know 

There are a lot of potential exclusions when it comes to a home insurance policy, so it helps for Stony Point, NY residents to do a little research on their policy. For instance, your policy may cover damage to someone else’s property — except in the case of vomiting or defecation. If you’re worried about your pet’s unpredictability, talk to your insurer about the different provisions they offer to cover the damage. 

If you have questions about how different incidents can be covered, call Hudson Valley Insurance for more information. It’s our privilege to help all homeowners get answers about how to protect their investment.