Should I Have a Provision in My Home Insurance to Cover Pets?

As lovable as our pets can be, they can also be forces of nature when it comes to our home. Even the best-trained and good-natured animals can end up having an off day that ends up causing far more long-term damage than an owner ever imagined. If you live in Stony Point, NY, Hudson Valley Insurance wants you to know more about how home insurance works in the case of pet damage. 

Standard Policies 

There’s no universal policy for homeowners, but most do not include coverage in the case of accidental damage to the home. So if your cat knocks chews through the wires of your big-screen plasma TV and somehow shorts the machinery, you’re unlikely to receive reimbursement for the event.

There is an exception to this rule though, and that’s in the case of liability for your pets. So if your pet bites someone and it results in an infection or a more serious physical injury, then you can typically use the liability limits on your policy to cover the expenses associated with a formal complaint. 

What You Need to Know 

There are a lot of potential exclusions when it comes to a home insurance policy, so it helps for Stony Point, NY residents to do a little research on their policy. For instance, your policy may cover damage to someone else’s property — except in the case of vomiting or defecation. If you’re worried about your pet’s unpredictability, talk to your insurer about the different provisions they offer to cover the damage. 

If you have questions about how different incidents can be covered, call Hudson Valley Insurance for more information. It’s our privilege to help all homeowners get answers about how to protect their investment.

Why do I need flood insurance if I already have homeowner’s insurance?

If you have a homeowner’s insurance policy in Stony Point, NY, you are protected from many kinds of disasters, such as fire or theft. In fact, a standard policy will protect you through several kinds of natural disasters. All of the perils your home is protected from will be listed in your insurance documents.

Unfortunately, one of the things your policy probably does not cover is flood damage. The only kind of insurance that protects you during a flood is flood insurance. You can purchase a separate policy to protect against flooding at Hudson Valley Insurance.

Do You Really Need Flood Insurance?

We believe in helping our clients choose the right insurance to meet their specific needs. We try to make sure you have all the necessary protection, without getting extras you don’t need, within your price range and with a deductible you find comfortable.

Flood insurance protects your home from damages caused by any type of flooding. The flooding doesn’t have to be from a nearby body of water but can include flooding from excessive raining, blocked storm drains, coastal surges, and the failure of a levee dam.

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

Your flood protection will include damages to your actual house and property, your carpeting and other treatments, furniture, appliances, and other items you own. Because flooding could leave you temporarily homeless, you will also have provisions for putting you up during repairs.

If you live in Stony Point, NY, you may be particularly vulnerable to flooding. If you have questions about flood insurance or want to find a policy of your own, please call Hudson Valley Insurance today.

3 Reasons You Need Home Insurance in Stony Point, NY

Your home is likely the most expensive asset you will purchase in your lifetime. It’s where you’ll raise your family, make your memories, and lay your head at night. That’s why it is so important to protect your home. In fact, it is required by law to have home insurance in you have a mortgage. However, even if you own your home outright, there are still solid reasons why you need to have homeowners insurance to protect your home. Read on to learn the three reasons why Hudson Valley Insurance believes you need home insurance. 

1. Protect Your Home from Fire and Theft

A homeowners insurance policy in Stony Point, NY will protect your asset in the event of a fire or theft. In the meantime, it’s important to take measures to prevent these events from occurring. For example, install an alarm system on your property, as well as outdoor lighting to prevent burglary. Make sure your smoke alarms are working properly and have a fire evacuation plan set in place just in case. 

2. Protect Your Money in the Bank

If something were to happen on your property that resulted in the injury of a neighbor or other individual, this person could decide to sue. Without a homeowners insurance policy in place, you will need to fight the litigation on your own with your own funds, which could easily drain your savings. 

3. Peace of Mind

Every night when you turn in for bed, sleep well knowing you have the peace of mind of a protective homeowners insurance policy. The place you call home is a safe place and if anything were to happen, your policy will help you get through it. 

To learn more about purchasing a homeowners insurance policy in Stony Point, NY, contact Hudson Valley Insurance. Our friendly insurance agents will answer all your questions and help you find the right policy for your needs. 

Finished with the Home Renovation? It’s Time to Update Your Home Insurance

We can imagine that new guest suite in your Stony Point, NY home is looking gorgeous! Your friendly agent at Hudson Valley Insurance Brokerage, Inc. wants to remind you that significant improvements to your property may need additional coverage on your home insurance policy.  Why is that? Let’s find out.

Additions Increase the Real and Assessed Value of Your Home

Not only will a four-bedroom home sell for a higher price compared to a three, but it will also cost more to repair in the case of major or total loss due to fire and other incidents. Now is a good time to review how much your home insurance policy will pay out and make sure that it is commensurate with the current market and real value of your house. 

Pools, Patios, and Backyard Kitchens Should be Itemized

Maybe it wasn’t the inside of the house that got the redo. That in-ground pool was an expensive investment. Hardscaping and outdoor living spaces also represent a significant expenditure in home improvement. When you sit down with your agent, talk about not only the market value of the entire property but the costs of repairing or replacing all of your outbuildings.

Did the City Reassess Your Property?

If you took out a permit to complete the renovation, that will often lead to a visit from the Stony Point, NY assessor’s office after you complete construction. It should also be a red flag that if your taxes are going up, you might want to ensure your home insurance reflects that increase. This is especially true if you have owned the home for ten or twenty years and have been letting your policy ride year after year.

Pick up the phone and give the agents at Hudson Valley Insurance Brokerage, Inc. a call to protect your home today.

How to ensure your home is safe from various risks

When it comes to protecting your home, nothing should stop you. Your home is a place where you go when you feel stressed or after a long day of work. It is also where you create and share memories with your loved ones. On top of that, it is where you store your items such as furniture, electronics, clothes, and shoes among more. So, if you do not protect it, you stand to lose everything you have worked for.

But how do you protect this home? You protect it by taking a home insurance policy. Luckily, if you are in Stony Point, NY, Hudson Valley Insurance Brokerage, Inc. is here to guide you. We provide you with a home insurance policy that is dependent on your needs. What do we mean by that?

Unlike other Insurance companies, we are concerned about your needs. Therefore, we take time to listen to you before advising you on the best policy. We understand that your needs might be different from another person’s needs and that is why we have several experienced employees to guide you through all our policies.

Here is a list of some of our best home insurance coverage options:

Personal Property Coverage

As established earlier, your home is where you store or keep your personal property. Therefore, we at Hudson Valley Insurance Brokerage, Inc. provide you with a policy to protect all your items in the case of a disaster such as fire, theft, hurricane, or various weather events.

Liability Coverage

As long as your friends or neighbors visit your home, the court holds you liable if someone gets injured. For example, if one falls on your stairs or slips on water, the court will require you to pay for all the damages. Also, if one gets injured by your pet, you will still be required to pay for the damages.

Those are some of our main coverage options, however; we also offer additional coverage options. So, if you are in Stony Point, NY, please feel free to visit our offices or call us for more information.